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Luis Venancio de Oliveira, student in architecture, London, UK

Stingray necklace matched with a smithsonite from New Mexico, can be worn in 3 different ways, thanks to a specific setting.

Meesha Chang, entrepreneurial artist, Zürich, Switzerland

Silver rope with gold keys, matched with 2 removable cultured pink pearls.

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Julia Tabakhova, Zürich, Switzerland

Chalcedony flower from Brasil, in silver setting, natural shape, uncut, matched with a pink rubber necklace.

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Olga Shuvalova, actress, Belarus, film shot in Paris, France

Pink stingray necklace matched with a cultured pink pearl.

Sayaka Matsutani, interpreter, Japan, film shot in Chantilly, France 

Black rubber necklace matched with an opal from Australia.

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